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Peruse Xylo Hanger Panel , Oak Natural Oiled

Peruse Xylo Hanger Panel , Oak Natural Oiled


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The XYLO is a wall-mounted coat rack with foldable hooks, inspired by the PIANO hanger panel designed by Patrick Seha (B). The name XYLO refers to a xylophone because of the similarity with the musical instrument, just like the hooks the PIANO refer to the keys of a piano keyboard. The flexible hooks can be opened or closed over the whole length of the XYLO.  When not in use, all 15 hooks can be closed, giving the XYLO a very elegant look and space-saving features. This makes the XYLO, as latest addition to the PIANO collection, a very functional, classic design piece, usable as a convenient rack to hang coats, shirts, towels, handbags, etc, and fitting in any interior from a hall, living room, kitchen or bedroom, to bathrooms or pool houses. Materials: Oak (Origin: Germany)Dimensions: 7 * 81 * 18 h cm